My boyfriend got a german girlfriend!!

When you fall in love it could be a magic experience. And if you fall in love with someone from a different country the experience can become a sort of adventure, especially when you need visas, passports and a lot of papers to be together… well that is my case.

I fell in love with a dutch-kiwi guy during my first trip in Cambodia. So.. at the beginning we went together to New Zealand where his parents  live and where I was with a working holiday visa at that time. The firsts months everything was silky and smooth… just love.. but then: What the hell we are going to do now??  So we have to start looking for alternatives… going here and going there.. then some months over there.. then back again to the first place.. and everything was a big great mess.

I am a chilean citizen with an italian mother and german father, but with many complications to have a european citizenship. I tried a lot to get the italian one.. but was not possible, because of some missing papers, doubled married (of my mum) and burocracy… so I forgot about the citizenship… then before I went to New Zealand I tried again to get the german one, because a I knew that some cousins already have it. But no luck.. not too much information.

Then I met my boyfriend and we started again the procedure to try to get the german citizenship… we contact some cousins… get some information… visit the embassy in Chile (many times)… cried.. got stress…hopeless… hopeful.. etc… finally we got all the papers, got the translations and took them to the German embassy where they said that we have to wait around two yearss…. 2 years… of moving here and there to be together… with no possibilities for me to work in europe.. and with my boyfriend with the restriction  of getting jobs only for 3 months.. because then we have to move again..

So we decided that I will go to the university again (I am social worker in my country) in order to get a student visa.. so I can stay in the country for four years, work and wait for my german citizenship..

But finally today, after five months since I have left the papers in the Embassy I got a email saying that I have to go there to pick up  my citizenship. SO I AM GERMAN… now we start again changing plans, looking for flight tickets.. etc… but doesn`t matter.. Now everything will be just fine.. AND MY LOVE STORY CAN FINALLY THROW SOME ROOTS IN THE SANDY SOIL OF HOLLAND..

Ik ben vandaag zo vrolijk


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2 respuestas a My boyfriend got a german girlfriend!!

  1. I’m so happy for you….
    Now I have a German friend hahahaha
    And maybe… in some years I will have nephews germans too jajajja
    I’m happy…. You are closing stages and at the same time you´re opening new worlds, new adventures… New Life…
    The only problem is that you´re so far from us… but thanks to facebook we´re most close that if you were here.
    My dear friend…. I’m waitting for your visit to La Serena… to eat Picarones with chancaca jajjaa

    A lot of kisses to you and Chris.

    • piescallosos dijo:

      Thanks my dear friend…

      I am so happy with the news. I can´t believe that I got my citizenship… Finally with Chris can I start a real life. Take the next step in this journey.
      As soon as I know when I am going to Chile I will let you know in order to organize a flash reunion!!
      love youuuuu

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